Every time your boiler is serviced we will carry out a tank inspection and report on its condition.

It is essential that your oil storage and supply system is fit for purpose.  Oil contamination is a major issue, and has the potential to cost you or your insurer of many thousands of pounds to clean up, even just for a weeping tank.  This is besides the cost to the environment or your wallet in wasted fuel.

Tank installs and the associated supply equipment to your boiler are regulated by building control.  So it’s essential to get an install that will comply or you may well invalidate your insurance or cause non compliance issues if you ever come to sell your property.  It is quite possible that your current install does not comply so a simple like for like swap may not be the answer.

That said there is always a solution and we will find it for you. Please contact us for advice and a free quote if you require a new tank.